Socially Responsible

družbena odgovornost

Being socially responsible is a pertinent value of Rokus Klett Publishing and forms a part of the company’s activities on an every-day basis. We take part in numerous projects within various fields – among others also education, ecology, culture and health – as organisers, co-organisers and participants.

Free study materials for children from big families
Since collaborating with the Slovenian Karitas since 2005, we have been giving away school workbooks to children from big families attending compulsory education. The campaign began on the initiative of our company, with four other education publishers following suit in the years to follow. The value of the donated materials during the recent years rests somewhere between 15,000 and 20,000 EUR per annum.

Ecological textbook sets
Since 2009, the textbooks and workbooks published by Rokus Klett Publishing have been printed on ecologically certified paper. The certificate ensures that, for every tree felled in order to produce cellulose, a new one is planted. In such a way we are playing an active role in sustaining forested areas.

Textbooks for children with special needs
In 2010 we took on the decision to develop adapted textbooks for children with special needs. In collaboration with numerous experts and practising teachers we are adapting existing textbooks in terms of content and design, and also by equipping them with audio recordings. Adapted textbooks are a particularly useful aid to pupils with reading disorders such as dyslexia, and to pupils with an impaired sense of sight or hearing. This demanding development is financed from a special fund (We are all special), with money trickling in from a part of the profits from the sale of various workbooks published by the company.

Charity auctions
Since 2005, we have been organising a charity auction every autumn of the best photographs produced in the photography competitions of National Geographic Slovenija and National Geographic Junior magazines.
In previous years all collected funds were donated to the Society for the Assistance to Children Born Too Early (Društvo za pomoč prezgodaj rojenim otrokom), Ljubljana maternity hospital, for the purchase of an ultrasound machine for expectant mothers and computerised electronic fetal monitoring device, as well as to the Union of the Friends of the Youth (Zveza prijateljev mladine) for their project providing free study help to primary and secondary school pupils.

Naturally, there are many more socially responsible projects. Among these there are various quizzes, competitions and special publications with which we are aiming to instil into children a positive attitude towards the environment, donations for projects that are taking place in individual schools, as well as big and small projects that are carried out upon the initiative of institutions such as UNICEF and the Red Noses.