Supplementary materials

We supplement our programme every year with a series of supplementary materials containing additional exercises and explanations for primary and secondary school pupils. By using them, pupils will be able to achieve higher grades.

The following series are currently available:

Znam za več

Znam za več (My Knowledge Is Worth More)
This series is intended to improve academic achievement at primary school, help prepare for tests, consolidate knowledge and support easier and faster learning. Each exercise book is composed of explanations of learning material, a wide range of efficient exercises with solutions and graded knowledge tests.

Znam za  več

Zlati Znam za več (Golden My Knowledge Is Worth More)
This series is intended for primary school pupils who wish to upgrade their knowledge and, by creatively solving more demanding exercises, to prepare for competitions and later for entering secondary school.


Plonk (Cribbing)
This series provides handy tables summarising entire learning material for different subjects. They contain definitions, formulas, rules with essential explanations, tables, constants and a mix of important information. The tables are prepared for primary and secondary schools separately.

Čist simpl

Čist simpl (Totally Simple)
These editions will help secondary school pupils to better understand learning material. With the help of explanations, exercises, entertaining tasks and tests they will be able to improve their academic achievement and prepare thoroughly for the matriculation exam.

Avantura matura

Avantura matura (The Matura Adventure)
The Matura Adventure collection is intended as preparation for the matura exams. The tutorials allow candidates to prepare better and hence achieve better results in the matura exams.


Kresnice (Fireflies)
In this series of literary guides for the matriculation exam and home reading you can find in-depth discussions of literary works with summaries and explanations of the content, along with two general editions on Slovenian and world literature.