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Second Charity “Hop na Grad” Run a Great Success


The 2nd Hop na Grad – a charity run through the streets of Ljubljana – took place on Sunday, 15 April 2018. Its main co-organiser was Rokus Klett Publishing and the entire event was coordinated by one of the publisher’s employees, Renata Odlazek.

The first edition of the run was organised last year, drawing large numbers of both runners and spectators. Thanks to the event’s turnout and popularity, the charity run ranked among the most visited spring running events in Ljubljana and the surrounding area.

This year the run was attended by more than 600 running enthusiasts. The main purpose of the event was to raise money for children being treated at Ljubljana’s Children’s Hospital. This year, it raised €18,800 in donations and entry fees, which is €5,000 more than in last year’s debut.

We also wish to announce that the 3rd Hop na Grad will take place in spring 2019.

“The second charity run Hop na Grad was a great a success. Despite a gloomier weather forecast for Sunday earlier in the week, the weather was actually ideal for running, neither too hot nor too cold, and we even had a little sunshine. The run was attended by more than 600 runners of all ages. Žiga and Uroš from Radio Antena that broadcasted the event made sure that the atmosphere at the event was very lively and pleasant. The runs went more or less smoothly, with the youngest runners being so excited that a carpet had to be laid at the starting line, a few tears being the worst that could happen. The 2- and 6-kilometre runs were attended by more than 400 runners and the winners’ times were really good. We are very happy with the €18,800 we raised to be donated to the Children’s Hospital Institute as we will be able to buy a body composition measuring device to be used by the Paediatric Nephrology Department for patients suffering from chronic kidney failure,” said Dr Damjan Osredkar, Head of the Paediatric Neurology Department, and Dr Nina Battelino from the Paediatric Nephrology Department.

Dr Osredkar and Dr Battelino also added that the run would not be possible without its supporters. “Thank you very much to all the runners, volunteers, our general sponsor, other sponsors, media sponsors, supporters, running ambassadors, in short, to everyone who helped make the 2nd Hop na Grad a success. But surely the biggest thank you for the successful organisation of the event goes to our main partner and sponsor, Rokus Klett Publishing, without which it would not be possible to organise the event on this scale. The publisher saw to the whole promotion of the event and a large part of the organisation and contributed most of the volunteers.”

The event photo gallery is available below. You can find more information about the run at or on Facebook.