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We are the leading publisher of textbooks and supplementary teaching materials in Slovenia. In our thirty-year-long tradition, we have built a solid foundation by constantly investing in research and development of new materials and new approaches, as well as by interdisciplinary integration of editorial and promotional activities.

We are the pioneer of many new approaches, especially in the field of digitalization and the integration of modern technologies in education. On today’s market of interactive learning materials, we are one of the leading providers, not only in Slovenia, but in the whole of South-Eastern Europe.

Our strategy is based on the knowledge, creativity and satisfaction of all: students, teachers, parents and our employees. With our projects, we encourage socially responsible actions.

Our mission is to help children gain knowledge in a modern, flexible and effective way, helping them grow into independent, confident and responsible adults creating a better world.


We are aware of our capabilities and accept responsibility for our actions. We strive to achieve agreements and the common goal.


For successful work, we receive recognition from co-workers and managers, which encourages us and motivates us. We also know how to give and accept justified criticism. We also know how to give and accept justified criticism.


We respect the work, time, opinion and values of all the people we work with. This helps us contribute to better relations within the company and in society in general.


We create an environment that encourages people to think differently and to implement innovative ideas.


Employees are free to decide which path to achieving the agreed goal is the most appropriate. We act freely, but in accordance with our responsibilities.


We work hard, with passion and dedication. We have a positive attitude towards work and make full use of our capabilities.


We are open and sincere. We wish to tell others and have others tell us that which is real, and not just that which is agreeable.


Corporate social responsibility plays an important role in the activities of Založba Rokus Klett and is a part of our everyday life. As an organizer, co-organizer or participant, we take part in many projects in various fields, including education, ecology, culture and healthcare. The following are just a few. There are, of course, many more socially responsible projects. They include a number of quizzes, competitions and special publications with which we try to instil in children a positive attitude towards the environment, donations for projects carried out at the level of individual schools, as well as minor and major projects organized at the initiative of institutions such as UNICEF and the Red Noses Association of Slovenia.

Družbeno odgovorni

Fundacija ROK – Helping Children Spread Their Wings

Fundacija ROK – Helping Children Spread Their Wings has ever since 2013 helped talented children from socially disadvantaged families whose living conditions prevent them from developing talents in the fields of science, sports, culture and education. Each year, we invite all school staff to send us grant applications for the next school year by the end of the current school year. Each year, we invite all school staff to send us grant applications for the next school year by the end of the current school year.

Free learning materials for children from larger families

In cooperation with Karitas Slovenija, we have donated workbooks to school-age children from larger families every year since 2005. The campaign started on the initiative of our publishing house, and in the following years four more school publishers followed in our footsteps. In recent years, the value of donated materials ranges between fifteen and twenty thousand euros per year.

Hop na Grad

Hop na Grad which came to life in the spring of 2017, is a charity running event, of which the main donor and co-organizer is Založba Rokus Klett. All the money collected every year through entry fees and charitable contributions is donated to the Foundation for the New Paediatric Clinic in Ljubljana. The event also promotes a healthy lifestyle and connects people who want to give back to the community from which they come from. You can read more about it HERE.

Purchase of the ECMO machine for the Paediatric Clinic ICU

In cooperation with the organizers of the Hop na Grad charity run, the SBC – Slovenian Business Club, the club connecting Slovenian entrepreneurs and socially engaged individuals and companies, we raised money in March 2020 for the purchase of the ECMO machine, a device urgently needed in the Intensive Care Unit of the Paediatric Clinic. With this device, they will be able to help the critically ill patients, both children and adults – even those who find themselves in critical condition due to covid-19, the disease caused by the corona virus.

Solidarity during the corona virus epidemic

During the closure of all educational institutions due to the corona virus epidemic, Založba Rokus Klett provided full-time access to all its electronic and interactive materials to all teachers and students of both primary and secondary schools, regardless of whether otherwise they use the Rokus materials or materials by other publishing houses. We also provided 6th to 9th grade students and their parents and teachers with free access to the special editions of workbooks and exercise books in pdf format.

Together in Solidarity – 178 computers for children to use for remote learning

At the initiative of the companies Založba Rokus Klett and Modrijan izobraževanje, in April 2020 in just two days’ time companies and individuals raised funds to purchase 178 computers for socially disadvantaged children. Thanks to a donation worth almost 63 thousand euros, students from a total of 59 Slovenian primary schools received computers with which they will be able to participate in distance learning. Most donors are companies and individuals who are members of the SBC – Club of Slovenian Entrepreneurs, and in addition to them, other companies also participated in the charity campaign. The campaign was launched through the Fundacija ROK – Helping Children Spread Their Wings, which has helped gifted children from socially disadvantaged families for many years, and is part of the broader Together in Solidarity initiative, through which economic organizations and associations collect computers and tablets for children who would otherwise not have been able to attend remote classes.

Charity competition and book on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the publishing house

On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, Založba Rokus Klett organized a charity literary competition for primary school students from 4th to 9th grade. In December 2016, 25 best stories were published in a special jubilee book edition. All the proceeds from the sale of the book were donated to the Clinical Department of Paediatric Surgery and Intensive Care at the Ljubljana University Medical Centre.

Charity auctions 2004–2010

Every autumn from 2004 to 2010, we organized a charity auction of the best photographs created for the photo competitions of the National Geographic Slovenija and National Geographic Junior magazines. The funds raised were donated in full to the Premature Babies Association, the Ljubljana Maternity Hospital for the purchase of an ultrasound machine for pregnant women and a computer-aided CTG machine, and the Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth for a project of free learning assistance for primary and secondary school students.

A year from now at your school? The “Giving Back to the Community” project

Založba Rokus Klett is more than just textbooks and workbooks, it is above all the people – professional, creative, responsive and sensitive to others. In 2014, 2015 and 2016, we participated in the volunteering project “Giving Back to the Community” organized by the American Chamber of Commerce and Slovenian Philanthropy. Full of team spirit, we helped arrange school grounds and spaces. HERE you can see such a project in action.

Joint campaign with Rotary Club Ljubljana: "Coming together for our schoolchildren”

In the all-Slovenian campaign “Coming together for our schoolchildren”, which took place in 2014, Založba Rokus Klett donated workbooks in the total value of EUR 13,496.30 to eight Slovenian primary schools with the most endangered children, selected by the Association of centres for social work of Slovenia.

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