NEW: a collection of top-quality IzziRokus digital learning materials for various subjects in grades 6-9

In the last year, the world has “turned digital” more than ever. Together with it, we also took a step forward! We have developed the IZZIROKUS platform and within it learning materials that many already recognize as the NEW generation of digital learning materials.

IzziRokus is a collection of top interactive learning materials for various items in grades 6-9. The complete content according to the curriculum is supported by a number of multimedia and interactive add-ons that allow students to really understand and remember the lesson content.


  • video explanations of the lesson to facilitate understanding of the learning unit, at school or at home
  • interactive exercises and multimedia content to better illustrate the lesson content
  • audio recordings of longer texts, abbreviated texts and additional options: change all letters to uppercase, change the font (also for children with dyslexia), change the background color (
  • the ability to create online classes and monitor the progress of students
  • works on several different devices, even without a permanent internet connection
  • three mutually coordinated textbooks in one
    • a simple electronic textbook similar to a printed one
    • a modern digital textbook with multimedia and interactive content
    • multimedia presentations for each lesson (teachers only)

Check the examples of the content

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