With the help of SBC and donors, we raised funds to purchase an ECMO device

4. EN Hop na GradWe are pleased to announce the great news that with the cooperation of the organizers of the Hop na Grad – charity run, SBC – Club of Slovenian Entrepreneurs and socially engaged individuals and companies we raised money to buy an ECMO device, which is urgently needed at the Pediatric Clinic Intensive Care Unit.

It is a device for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO), which helps critically ill patients who have both lung and heart failure. At the time when the patient is dependent on the ECMO device, it supplies oxygen to his blood instead of the patient, flushes out excess carbon dioxide and drives blood throughout his body. This device replaces both the fan and the heart pump. Once the patient’s body recovers from the illness, we gradually disconnect it from the device to begin living independently again.

With this device, we will be able to help both critically ill children and adults – even those who will find themselves in a critical condition due to COVID-19 disease caused by coronavirus.

The device will be donated to the intensive care unit of the Pediatric Clinic as soon as possible.

The following donated for the device:

  • Založba Rokus Klett, Rok Kvaternik
  • Boris Lavrič
  • INEA
  • Smart Com
  • Povše metal
  • Carglass
  • Nevron
  • Petre Šotori
  • Pikas
  • Rotary Club Novo Mesto
  • Star Prevajalske storitve


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