The comic book Znamenitni: Great stories of celebrities received the award for best original children’s comic!

We are proud to announce that the comic book Znamenitni: Great stories of celebrities has received the zlatirepec Award for Best Original Children’s Comic Book. The book, written by the popular youth writer Žiga X Gombač and the top illustrator Jaka Vukotič, presents 30 of our famous ancestors in a witty and sparkling comic book language.

The jury wrote in its justification: “Today we will not answer the eternal question of whether a children’s comic should be intended for learning or a story should prevail. We were convinced by a mixture of both, wrapped in heartfelt humor with just the right amount of children’s playfulness.”

Great stories of 11 “famous” women and 19 “famous” men

The comic presents the stories of famous people who have lived in the area of our current country since the 17th century. to 20. century and have worked in very different fields – from Janez Vajkard Valvasor, Žiga Zois, France Prešeren, Ivana Kobilca, Jože Plečnik and Alma M. Karlin all the way to Leon Štukelj.

The stories of “influential people” who, with courage, daring and clear goals, changed the world for the better and left a strong mark on domestic and world history. The book thus addresses a very wide circle of young readers (and we believe adults as well).

Despite the comic playfulness and humor, we took care of the accuracy and credibility of the biographical data of all personalities, as the expert examination was performed by as many as 27 reviewers.

More about the award

The Stripolis Institute has been awarding the zlatirepec Award – the award for the best comic of the year for the third year in a row. The purpose of the award is to highlight and reward the best comics published in Slovenian productions that were published last year. The winners were announced as part of the Ljubljana comics festival Tinta, 9. October at Kino Šiška.

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