Special Free Workbooks

For students who do not have printed workbooks for various reasons and therefore find their distance learning difficult, the publishing houses Založba Rokus Klett and Modrijan izobraževanje have provided a FREE ACCESS TO NEW SPECIAL WORKBOOKS IN PDF FORMAT today, which can be printed on a home printer. Students, parents and teachers have the contents of special workbooks for the last four months of the school year available for the entire time the coronavirus epidemic is declared.

Given the situation and the Ministry’s instructions to relieve students as much as possible when it comes to homework, students and teachers will be able to save time and organize distance learning by printing chapters from workbooks.

Special workbooks in PDF format for grades 6-9 of primary school are available free of charge on the website korona.rokus-klett.si. In addition to workbooks, the website also contains parts of tutorials (I know more) collection with additional assignments, also in PDF format.

Only registration is required to download content, and for users who already have access to the web portals of both publishers, only login. To make it easier to use, the contents of the workbooks are divided into months (from March to June). Due to copyright protection, the possibility of transferring and printing content from workbooks is valid only until 30 June 2020.

A remarkable increase in the use of electronic and interactive materials

In recent weeks, since e-materials have been freely available, we have also seen a tenfold increase in registrations on Rokus and Modrijan’s websites with interactive learning materials. As it turns out, the combination of electronic and printed materials has proven to be a successful model of learning or distance learning.

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